Friday, 29 May 2015

Long ride planning and fund-raising.

Meeting a fellow TC rider last weekend pricked my conscience. All our circumstances are different of course. he didn't look 50 for a start, but then I know that I'm not the oldest rider by a long way. None-the-less I am overdue a longer than long ride and am no longer adding to my psychological reservoir by just doing 100 milers.

On Sunday I shall get out to do another of those before work, but the following weekend I have planned a 160 mile route back from Amersham, where I am due to visit family. This will take me well into the night and a little of the following morning too.

On the 19th June I have now planned a 600 mile round trip from here to Aberystwyth. I plan to start at midnight to mirror the start of the TCR, with the added benefit of hopefully crossing the Welsh hills in some kind of daylight. All I need now is a favourable wind.

On the fund-raising front I am hugely grateful to Linda for her work on our business cards. These are heading to the printers this week. If anyone would like to help distribute a few, please do send a message via facebook or twitter. The more followers of the event come the 24th July, the better. Initally we are printing 1000 on which you will find the details below.

In the mean time I shall continue to harry the local press. This was our local paper last week, for which I'm very grateful.

All the awareness I can raise about the work the Alzheimers Society do, the better.

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