Saturday, 16 May 2015

The second half of the sandwich didn't taste so good.

It being the second leg of the Championship play-off today, I had the perfect excuse to cycle to my buddies house in Woodbridge to watch it and clock a 100 miles whilst I was at it. Fifty before and fifty after.

I had the added bonus of knowing that the completion of this particular ride, would take me past the daily average of 20 miles, or 140 a week, or just over 500 a month, which ever sounds the best for you.

I took off at 7. It was forecast as overcast and 13 deg. The wind was from the WNW ish, so it was going to help me a little in both directions. Slightly more heading south.

The fields and hedgerows are now awash with flowers and the birds, though busy feeding youngsters in many cases, still fill the lanes with their songs.

Since the match didn't start until just after 12, I added a couple of miles by visiting Woodbridge's famous tide mill, (sadly clad in scaffolding,) and contemplated life in a barge moored in the river.

This one is for sale.

You certainly could look for a long time for a nicer view from your sundeck.

The less said about the intervening couple of hours, the better. The food was good though and thoughts of Wembley cut short or not, I made the most of the ride home. It would have been criminal not to.

Well do Norwich.

Total now 2743 miles
Alzheimer's SocietyAve 20.02 every day since 31st Dec 2014.

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