Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The beauty of early summer.

Finishing work at 08:00 this morning I headed south west initially before entering the Brecklands again for one of my favourite rides home.

With a tailwind for a change I made good speed. I had my heart set on 61 miles that would take me to 2400 for the year and just a 100 miles short of my last years training total, with still over 2 months to go.

That early in the morning, bank holiday Monday hadn't got started, so I had the quiet back roads to myself. I picked up some more food in Swaffham on my way through and then headed for the ford at West Acre where I stopped to record the burst of bird song that surrounded me. I'm not sure how well it will reproduce here, but it's worth a try.

As I sat by this bridge a couple of female cyclists passed me asking if I knew the route through here and if it was passable on a road bike. This being one of two little sections akin to the Strada del Assietta, i.e off road, I was confident to say that it was navigable and sent them on their way

How embarrassing then to hit a stone on the paved section between these two rough bits of road and end up with a puncture of my own!

A chap who was walking his dog as I sat on the roadside, asked how many spare inner tubes I was going to be carrying, as we talked all things TCR. Now that's a good question. Probably two.

In the end I clocked another 65 miles and added 26 this morning as a loosener before heading to bed after another night at work.

Total now 2430
Av creeping towards 20. Now at 19.3 every day since Dec 31st 2014

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I know that I keep asking, but I would really appreciate your support for this wonderful charity. Thank you. John

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