Saturday, 9 May 2015

Tasty play-off sandwich.

At risk of offending my friends in Norwich, - for it was always going to problematic moving from Ipswich to Norwich, -

I took great delight in having the excuse to cycle part the way to the first leg of the Championship play-off between these two East Anglian rivals and back. 68 miles in total.

This on top of the 54, 65, 25 and 25 gave me 237 for the week and 2520 in total.

Football aside, I have been scanning through the new version of the race manual to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything. I shall need to persuade my GP that I am at least physically fit enough to take this challenge on.

I do wonder whether or not it might be better to claim honestly, that I am possibly a little mentally unhinged, since i am certain that this might be viewed as a pre-requisite for entering the race in the first place. Beyond that I just hope that by writing the letter, that they don't feel responsible for anything, should it go wrong. In many ways, it's a strange request for a race that is so strong on self-reliance and personal responsibility. I have no doubt that there is a good reason for it.

In any event, I thought that I might do an ECG on myself at work on Sunday night, as well as a full set of clinical observations, so that I can save my own GP the trouble.

After my puncture from earlier in the week, I realise that I have now run out of new tubes and my bike shed, aka our unfinished front room, has become something of an Asp's nest, with all the punctured tubes needing repair. Beyond that, however, I have borrowed a smaller light weight sleeping bag from a friend and begun to rationalise my kit. I have gotten into the habit of training with it all on the bike. I don't want to store up any nasty surprises.

Alzheimer's SocietyAnyway, for those that have an interest, enjoy the second leg next weekend and may fortune favour the brave.

2520 miles total
Av 19.24/day since 31st dec 2014

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