Monday, 11 May 2015

A dappled sun hides many ills

I had been cycling this last week, thinking how much more unpredictable it often was, cycling in a dappled sun than it often is cycling in the rain.

A puddle, is a puddle because there is a hole, so you avoid it if you can. Given the number of small potholes I've encountered recently on a sunny day, down small shady country lanes, I'm beginning to appreciate that you don't get to look around as much as you might imagine. Especially in dappled shade.

These little country lanes though also hide a myriad of pleasures too and today I discovered my new favourite 50 miles route north of Norwich. here are some of the pictures that I took.

Having traversed the A47 to the west of Ringland, I found that I was following small grass centred lanes for mile after mile. I dropped down into Lyng where I could have spent more time just watching the river Wensum as it passes through this tranquil village. It hasn't always been this way apparently, with a divertion of the river's course during the time of Henry IV 'resulted in a law suit over the fishing rights'!! (

From here my route took me over the Fakenham Road and on toward Briston but before I had crossed the Marriott's Way. This old railway cut covers about 26 miles of footpath and cycle path and I have decided to take on it's entirety next week, just for the heck of it. I'll let you know how I get on.

Between here and Briston I followed a roadside nature reserve brimming with wildflowers of all shapes and colour. Some I know, and some I don't so that gives me something else to look into.

The first of these I think is Red Campion, the second an orchid of some description, and the third a rather poor example, given the amazing spread on offer, of some of the bluebell woods around these parts.

In the next post I shall return to something slightly more sobering, as I find myself reading about ethnic unrest and police activity in Macedonia. Rather worryingly smack bang in the middle of my current planned route.

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