Sunday, 24 May 2015

Anstrother and Crail

On our last evening in St Andrews, with my daughter behaving shockingly like a university student, attending a beach party and bonfire, my brother and I headed south to the fishing villages of Anstrother and Crail. You could go almost anywhere around this coast, -indeed anywhere around the Scottish coast, -and find photo opportunities, wildlife and fresh, fresh air.

I of course travelled by bike. I was so pleased to have brought it with me, squeezing it into the car and hoping that all the returning student stuff would still fit in around it. Any of the country lanes around here make for beautiful cycling with Corn Buntings singing from the fence posts and telephone lines and Lapwings careering across the skies in their wild and carefree dance.

The fishing villages on the south east peninsula of Fife are stunning. Crammed with small cobbles streets, teaming high walled harbours and beautiful boats.
Crail is the more picturesque of the two and we spent most time there listening to the haunting calls of the male Eider as they marshalled their wives and children under the watchful eye of a hungry Herring Gull. If the gull flew too close, the little duckings would swarm together into a tight little ball surrounded by their parents. Amazing to watch.

In the end between packing up a first year student and visiting my old home, I managed 78 miles of the best cycling this year. This also brought my average back up above 20 a day for 145 consecutive days and my total to just shy of 2900 for the year.


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