Sunday, 24 May 2015

What's the chance?

As a postscript to my visit to Scotland I have included a couple of pictures here because they were stunning places to visit.

On the way, we stopped at the Leaderfoot Viaduct. Built in 1863, this incredibly beautiful structure crosses the Tweed and was originally designed to carry the Berwickshire railway. Mmm, rather you than me. I think I might be keeping my eyes firmly on my paper!

Really though this post is to say how amazed I was to bump into another TCR racer at Scotch Corner as we headed south.

Paul Ward, Race No. 121, who from what I could gather was in the middle of an extremely lengthy ride, was instantly recognisable from his bike. Set up almost exactly like mine, I asked him if he was training for anything in particular later this year!!

'Oh, a race from Belgium to Turkey. The Transcontinental Race,' he said. 'Really', I answered. 'I'll see you there, then.'

Actually more than anything, what he made me aware of was the need to clock a double 100, some time soon. Just psychological you know. Where's my diary?


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