Wednesday, 3 June 2015

3000 miles and counting

The weekend 100 through the Brecks took just under 6 hours. The weather was challenging with stiff winds and persistent rain for most of the ride. I was reminded by my 7 year old, however, that I would have to ride in the rain in the summer, so I had to go out now.

As one of my fellow riders commented, 'excuses are weakness'.  It's a good motivator if nothing else.

With the 55 I did yesterday morning, that takes me through 3235 for the year.

The bike has now been thoroughly cleaned and prepared for Saturday, when I travel to Amersham by car and cycle home. I've planned a 160 mile route that I hope to complete by midnight. Should be fun. New countryside, new scenery. Always a good thing.

New business cards gone to print. Thank you Linda for sorting these.

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