Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Forget the inches, fractions of millimetres are everything

As I come to the end of my fourth night shift working for the GP Out of Hours service in Norfolk, I am less than 24 hours away from starting my testing ground 600 mile return trip to Aberystwyth.

I have gone through the contents of the various bags on the bike, in my head and will pack and repack those later today, trying to cut down on the weight at each re-load. Ultimately it will be a compromise and more than 50% of what I carry will never get touched. It has to be there just in case. I could probably get away with leaving 90% of it behind on a short duration ride like this one, but this is really about reminding myself what the TCR is really about and building up psychological reserves. Big long days, followed by big long days.

Yesterday I cruised for 25 miles and made one absolutely crucial adjustment to my bike. For weeks I had been riding with discomfort in the right side of my pelvic seat. I had resisted changing anything. The seat looked straight and I was happy with the height. It can't have been perfect however, I was too uncomfortable. I stopped half way round, undid the seat post and eyeing up the line between saddle and stem, I adjusted the lateral position of the seat by a fraction of a mm.

I honestly could not have expected it to make so much difference. The lesson? Don't sit on little changes that can make a huge difference. Little amounts of discomfort on a 10 mile ride, become unbearable after 100 and ride limiting beyond that.

So tomorrow morning at 03:00 when I aim to set out, the weather in Norwich will be lightly overcast, 12 deg C and with 9mph of slightly off centre headwind. During the early morning it looks sunny with the wind backing to the NW the clouds are thickening, but no rain. Fingers crossed.

I shall tweet my progress via @johnnymbakewell, so please feel free to send messages of encouragement, or abuse if you must.

Mulbarton Junior School, I shall see you all in assembly on Monday morning, bright and bushy-tailed.

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