Thursday, 25 June 2015

Saturday evening. Over the hedge.

At 8 in the evening I headed out of Aber with my brother, Andy for the first couple of miles after catching a couple for photos for the work newsletter down on the seafront.

The climb up to Nant Yr Arian is steady and no too steep. Aided by a decent tail wind now, I was at the carpark with 40 minutes. If you have never been here and you are either into wildlife or mountain biking, then this is well worth a visit. There is a red kite feeding station here and at its peak can see upwards of 40 kites in the air at the same time.

The mountain bike trail, built by Andy and his team is a mecca for mountian bikers and is one of a number of really good trails in North Wales.

The climb from here to the A44s summit across the Cambrian Mountains en route to Llangurig and then Welshpool is steady. At times I was averaging over 15 mph going up hill. When it comes to wind, I guess it is as true as anything else. You reap what you sew. Friday's hard work was being repaid in spadefulls. From the top it was even more the case, since the decent from there felt as though it continued all the way into Netwon, about 25 miles to the east.

I finally reached the outskirts of Shrewsbury at 1 in the morning. Under the glow of a roundabout lamp, I stole into the hedge beside the road and made myself a home.

The paler boarder at the base of the trees to the right of my feet is the A5. After 72 miles, Iwasn't going to notice the traffic and I set my alarm for 4 hours later.

Good night.

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