Friday, 30 January 2015

A few suggestions from Garmin

While I continue to investigate battery options, I have spent some time looking at Garmin's own suggestions for reducing battery usage and have subsequently switched off or changed many of the functions shown below;

Pictures paint a thousand words and apart from the backlight that is a slide function accessible via the On/Off button, most others come under the setup menu.

I have set the backlight timeout to 15 seconds, (though in practice I know that I will have to increase this particularly when navigating through built-up areas, when I shall need to see where I am all the time.)

I have enabled the battery save mode and reduced the 'Map Speed'  to normal. Can't see that being a problem at the speeds I shall be traveling at.

I shall see whether I can get away with disabling the magnetic compass too, since I'm pretty sure that this is not needed in any of the GPS workings that drive the maps.

Garmin also list the battery life of many of those available, including the Energizer Ultimate Lithium 9x that has been recorded as lasting up to a staggering 40 hours! I'm on the hunt for some of those.

Energizer Lithium AA.pngOh, here's some. (Picture courtesy of the Garmin website.)

Facebook has been busy with discussions about sleeping arrangements, footwear, name it. The next item on my shopping list are a new pair of SPDs. Thank you

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