Friday, 30 January 2015

Garmin Oregon 600 GPS battery life

Having just completed a run of four nights and it being particularly cold this afternoon, I turned my attention to some of the equally important but slightly less compelling aspects of ultra distance cycling.

I have been trying to work out how to ensure complete independence of mains electricity or the need to purchase multiple AA batteries for lighting, navigation, mobile phones, pace-makers, electronic toothbrushes and of course a little electric motor for the bike itself.

Joking aside, there are obviously much less technology-reliant methods of taking on the TCR and indeed I would not be the first to take or buy road maps for the entire route.

Buying a hub-dynamo though, seemed like a no brainer, since that took out the need for batteries for lighting. The debate about redundancy in all things is for another day. Last year I didn't take any extra lights and was not let down by the Supernova Infinity S coupled with an E3 Pro 2 headlamp and E3 Tail Light 2 I installed on the bike. I struggled though and continue to do so with charging the GPS whilst also using it continuously.

It appears that the power usage of the GPS is higher than the charge available. I have some more homework to do here and will let you know what I find out. I am grateful to Greg Funk who contacted me via battery, and works for Cadex Electronics Inc for his input into the debate and will feed back his suggestions too.

Meanwhile on the road, we had a dump of snow last evening that has now melted and I hope to put in a few miles once the kids have gone to bed, aslong as it's not too cold.

Don't forget Ebola. Thank you.

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