Thursday, 22 January 2015

Other forms of exercise are available

The last 48 hours have been productive in many ways. The Transcontinental race facebook page has been abuzz with queries about sprung seat-posts, hub-dynamos and florescent clothing. You can spend a lot of money getting your setup right and then you can go and test it and find that it's still not right.

For what it's worth, I am pleased as punch with my supernova dynamo, though I am aware that there are others and whichever you choose, there is always the risk that it may go wrong. How much backup for backup can you carry? It's all part of the conundrum that makes this race so much fun to be part of.

I had a call back from Stephen Hart, the British Red Cross fundraiser for Norwich. I am hoping to work closely with him to maximise the fund-raising potential of the race. I have a number of ideas up my sleeve, so keep your eyes peeled.  I might be coming your way. In the mean time keep up with the blog and take a look at both the charity site and please do visit, my fund-raising page.

So I'm booked in to meet with Stephen next friday.

Yesterday a large skip turned up at home, providing me with an alternative source of exercise. I like a challenge, as you may have noticed, but as with anything that you take on new, there are always risks.

Really/ What could possibly go wrong...?

An aching back, I was expecting, but a pulled right hamstring was not planned and I am frustrated to have sustained the injury, however minor. Despite working in the health service as a clinician, I am not good at taking my own advice. So where Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, (RICE,) would have been a good place to start, I did 50 miles on the bike instead and then came home and shoveled some more. I at least feel justified in having a couple of days off now and will not ride again until Sunday.

Meanwhile, thank you Matthew C, who gave me some useful advice about the brake pads and I can confirm, that indeed, they are incredibly easy to change. My four sets duly arrived from Canyon and as far as I can tell, were much cheaper, than many online alternatives. I bought in bulk, both to save on the postage, but also so that I have a spare set to take with me in the summer.

I mention stuff as mundane to confident cyclists, as this, because I would encourage anyone who is cautious about some aspects of bike maintenance,  to just give it a go. With the information available on the internet these days, you can do it and save yourself a few quid.

50 miles for the day.
Total 375
That's still only a very average 16 miles a day, since I started training again. tut tut!

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