Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sandwiching a night shift

Last night I looked at Adsense to try to boost the fund-raising potential of my race. I've also started to plan presentations at as many local junior schools as I can get to. Encouraging the children to follow us all and learn about the geography and history of Europe, should be a lot of fun.

For most of the week though, there is something called work. This at least gives me a good excuse to clock up a few fast miles over short distances.

Home to Thetford again, 25. Thetford to home via Garboldisham, 28. All helps.

Pleased to see that a good number of the racers in this years event are plumbing for hub-dynamos and a good number of these are looking at Supernova.

Check out their lighting systems too. Lighting from these units is awesome and may go some way toward explaining why one driver refused to dip his headlights and nearly put me in the ditch. He also got a mouthful. I have no doubt that he heard me.

Sorry, couldn't stop myself.

55 miles for the day
Total 485
Average 17.3 miles a day since I started training. Creeping up slowly.

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