Wednesday, 7 January 2015

French Correction and Mind Games

The good thing about having regular followers from across the globe, is that one is constantly encouraged to carry on. Even when you seriously wonder why, after a night shift, you are ploughing into a headwind in January on the first half century of the new season.

The downside, or at least flipside, is that if you're dumb enough to slip in some franglais, or poorly attempted French, then you shall surely stand corrected. So it is Celine, that I now know that 'Good Luck' or maybe luck itself, is feminine and therefore not spelt as I had, bon chance, but of course bonne chance. And so it bears repeating. Good luck to all my fellow competitors.

The encouragement of seeing where people are following me from is invaluable. If I learnt nothing else last year, it was that the mental battle is as hard as the physical one. 'Self talk' can make or break you. I intend to spend as much time investigating ways of improving this, as much as I will be putting in even more hard miles than I did last year.

Yesterday I finished my shift as 08:00 and having taken the kids to school, headed out toward the east. I have friends who have recently renovated the old chapel in Reedham. The perfect turning point to achieve my first 50+ for the new training regime.

Powered by a large bowl of porridge and additional side order of toast, I made Reedham ferry by about 11:50. As you can see, not quite so bright compared to the same short crossing last year.
I would not wish to be a fish! That water looks as grey and cold as the sky.

59.something miles and nothing done at home. It's great to be back at it. 147 miles so far. More tomorrow.

On a final positive, Justgiving emailed me to say that I was in the top 5% of fundraisers for 2014. I'll take all the encouragement I can get.

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