Monday, 2 February 2015

CARB - on offset

One of the great things about cycling long distances, especially at my age, where it is acceptable not to refer to oneself as a serious athlete, is that you can combine the pleasures of riding with those of eating...a lot!

So it was today, that having piled into a headwind in minus degree temperatures for a couple of hours I delighted in turning into Brandon Country Park and its warm and comfortable cafe. I determined not to be a glutton having only ridden 40 miles at that point and ordered what I thought was a conservative but deserved baked potato with chilli con carne. Alas! They had run out.

The second option, described as a large yorkshire pudding with sausages and vegetables didn't sound like it would be too much of a problem to fit in and I duly visited the rest room while it was being cooked.

Indeed so confident was I that this meal would slot into a corner, ready for the return 30 odd, that as I came back to the counter to pay, I picked up a piece of date and walnut cake.

My only advice to you is; visit the Brandon Country Park restaurant, but when they say BIG, believe them. It was, as you can see, the size of my head.

I could not use the aero bars on my bike for the next hour and a half!

Miles for the day 77
Total 577
Average 17 since 31st Dec 2014

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