Thursday, 19 February 2015

Long distance cycling goes viral

For whatever reason my chest has always been  my weakness. Apart from all the other proverbial jokes. So it is that I have spent most of this week bemoaning the onset of the common cold after my exertions of last week-end.

Strange how these things always coincide with half term, or holidays in general, but this time it has turned out to be timely.

Having two young boys calls for energy and engagement and so it is that we have, instead spent some good and happy time together walking around Minsmere and today at Lakenheath Fen. However much I am driven by the goal of completing the transcontinental race, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have watched a peregrine falcon tearing a black-headed gull apart in the middle of a field beside the A146 and then today been fortunate enough to enjoy my sons excitement at watching a bittern fly in front of us at Lakenheath Fen,

Though nothing to do with cycling or fund-raising for that matter, they are still worth writing about.

In passing we also called in to the Brandon Country park tea shop to thank the staff for their kind donation to my fund-raising. Food again to travel for, though next time it must be by two wheels, not four!

When things are quiet on the road however, I always get a little concerned about not being able to keep the blog alive. I should not have worried. Mike, the man behind the has now delivered the start point details. I include below a piece of youtube footage of some other folk climbing the Muur in Geraardesbergen, Belgium and leave you to draw your own conclusions about our sanity.

Please remember that the race this year starts on the 24th July with a curcuit of the famous Tour of Flanders icon....AT MIDNIGHT!

Cobbles in the dark. Nice!

The photograph is Mike's and reproduced here with his kind permission.  Thank you for your support.

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