Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Brecklands before and after work.

Having finally gotten back into the saddle yesterday morning, I gave myself a bit of spare time to get to Thetford in time to take a shower and start work without having to push it. That was the theory anyway.

After about an hour I picked up a thorn in my front tyre and ground to a halt. The whole game changed. It's good practice to be changing inner-tubes in the dark and I was back on the road inside 11 minutes, though now I was racing again.
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Twenty seven miles in the morning and 26 in the evening and I had a good ride home to look forward to.

I took a meandering detour via Brandon, Lakenheath, Feltwell and Mundford before heading through Watton on the home straight. The sun came out half way out and it was a beautiful morning to be cycling, even if I should have been sleeping. Again, good practice for the summer.

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Another puncture about 2 miles from home, this time a shard of flint in my back tyre, but having fixed the original tube before I left for home, this was another easy straight swap and I was happy and encouraged to have completed 108 miles in the previous 24 hours.

Now well ahead of last year, I hope to have polished off the first 1000 miles from start time back on the 31st December by the end of the week.

Miles for the last 24 hours 108.
Total 912 since 31st Dec 2014
Average just above 16 a day.

Fund-raising is slow. Please consider supporting my efforts to complete this 2500 mile challenge by visiting my fund-raising website. The British red Cross are doing incredible work in West Africa to try to stop the spread of this lethal disease.

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