Thursday, 5 February 2015

The power of advertising

It goes without saying that this blog is my advert. It is my way of asking you all to put your hands in your pockets and support a charity. To be honest, I never quite know which charity to choose and am pleased to see that the RSPB have an advert themselves on my last post. Wildlife and birds in particular have always been important to me. Having an understanding and watchful eye, gives every training ride another edge.

As an extension of that, this blog and the trips into schools that I have planned to accompany it, are my way of trying to put something back. To encourage our children to stretch themselves, to look outwards and to believe that they too can take on pretty much anything that they put their minds too.

Please get them to follow me, (or any of the other riders, ) later this year as we push ourselves to the limits of what we are capable of. Get them to look at the countries we pass through. Their history and people, their wildlife and their culture.

It should be an amazing journey for us all.

This morning I have covered another 40 miles. I have heard my first Chaffinches singing their early spring song and rode alongside a Roe Deer and her last years fawn as they raced me to the hedge at the end of the field. I would have photographed them for you, but bikes, cameras and muddy roads usually end up badly, so I just admired instead.

Fine tuning the bike continues and I have moved my light from under the handlebars to here at the end of the aero bars. This will allow me to carry a bag where the light used to be, that I can fill with food. Always a good thing.!! Thank you

40 miles for the day
617 in total
17 miles a day since 31st Dec 2014 (just about.)

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