Sunday, 8 February 2015

A missed 50 and a fair warning?

The day before yesterday I squeezed in 24 miles between sanding stairs and picking up the children from school. I was anticipating a planned long ride over the weekend.

Training comes in many forms and I have discussed the mental preparation as often as I have that of turning the pedals, but sometimes the shouting from an exhausted body cannot be ignored. training when you're really tired is counter-productive in any case. So, Saturday, that was supposed to be a day off, was, and Sunday that was supposed to be my first 100 of this years training schedule ended up being a return to slumber after walking the dog.

By mid-day I was feeling more enthusiastic and decided to race my wife and kids to Wilby, 30 miles away and then ride from there to Thetford where I would be working over night.

The first part went well. I had a nice tail wind and a little warmth in the sun, which was a nice change. I made it in about an hour and a half and did get there before the others, who had stopped off on the way to do some shopping.

After a break to play snakes and ladders with the boys and time to refuel, I headed out in the dark for Thetford. I didn't get far before I hit trouble. Literally. Don't you just love to see those little reassuring yellow arrows that tell you there's a hole, just as you hit it. Fair warning?

With time running out to get to work, I had to call in the backup support team, but changed the tube in the mean time, which is of course great practice for the summer. I noticed when planning the Bulgaria section last week, that they do at least mark the roads with a little exclamation mark on a road traffic warning sign, where the condition is questionable.

Shame they don't do that in the UK.

So, what with 25 miles to work and 25 in the morning, that's a lost 50.

35 today, 24 the day before yesterday = 59.
Total now 700
17.5 a day. Thank you.

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