Sunday, 12 April 2015

600 miles in 36 Kristoff

It is nearly a month since I last made a blog entry. A lot can happen in a month.

For every rider there are different challenges and differing and changing goals. None more clearly defined than that set by Kristof Allegaert who accomplished the most incredible feat of endurance last weekend, cycling the entire first leg of this years TCR in 36 hours.

I think that's something just over 930 km! I know, it doesn't even bear thinking about. On the one hand, I try not to, on the other he is hugely motivating.

There has been a steady and continuous stream of TCR chatter on facebook as riders prepare their bikes, their routes and of course their bodies. Tales of longer rides are becoming more numerous, with folks turning up in all corners of the world it seems as they check out gear, brain and brawn.

Having earlier in the season determined not to make this years training impact so heavily on the family, I had changed the emphasis somewhat from training at the weekends to training during the week, but it should come as no surprise that trying to do this and work nights is a tough ask and the last couple of Saturdays has seen me put in a couple of decent 100s.

Last Saturday I called in to see my father at Foxearth, the care home where he has been so lovingly nursed for the last year and then whilst my wife and kids headed to Beccles to meet up with some friends, I unbeknownst to them stole further south to Woodbridge, leaving myself with a 40 mile journey up the A12 to catch up with them. Since the hadn't known where I was, I was now somewhat adrift, but with this as an incentive and taking advantage of the tailwind, I covered the 38 miles in a fraction under 2 hours and felt pleased with my days work.

My mileage is now 1800 and I had maintained my daily average above 18 until this weekend.

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