Sunday, 12 April 2015

A change of focus

It being Easter, I took the time to spend more time with the boys. The bike lay dormant for a couple after some long nights, but on Wednesday I grabbed the opportunity to push out a 'no holds barred' circuit around the the local villages.

I had been reading some more about the importance of varying your training. Particularly of the importance of ensuring that if you want to ride fast, then you have to train fast. When time is at a premium, these little short bursts of speed fill the gaps nicely and I shall do more of them.

The following day though I chose a different route altogether and rode for the very first time with my 6 year old, around the village. If he thought it was a big day for him, it was an even bigger one for me. It didn't clock any miles, but it was seminal and despite drawing unflattering comments from old friends about MAMIL on facebook, none-the-less goes down in the diary as a good day.

This race/ride has always been about challenging myself. As you know, however, I like to put these things to some use and having previously raised money for the Alzheimer's Society and determined to try to help the fight against ebola.

Visiting my father recently though had persuaded me that championing a cause about which you have a personal attachment makes more sense, motivationally as much as anything else.

So it was that over the weekend I planned to contact the local British Red Cross representative to inform them of this decision and also as it happened to put in back to back 100s on Friday and Saturday.

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