Friday, 24 April 2015

New Fund-Raising Link

Having made the decision to continue fund-raising for The Alzheimer's Society, I gave them a ring last week and asked them for some assistance with coverage of the TCR. This is far too big an event to be treated as another charity cycle ride. I'm aware that by saying that, that I sound as though I'm denigrating the efforts of all those many cyclists, (many who are taking on their first 50 or 100,) and belittling their efforts. I am not. I remember my first 100 mile organised ride clear as daylight and it was hard work.

What I want to do though is bring the longevity and trials and tribulations of this race to as many followers as is possible. Many, many people followed us via the www.transcontinentalrace link last year and many of those said how addicted they became to catch up with the race each morning.

Significantly, I wish for people to spare a thought for families living with dementia, because the two weeks of ups and downs of the TCR is nothing compared to those taking on the marathon of alzheimer's.

The following post is my first contact with the organisation and I have also set up a new fund-raising page that you can get to via the following link.

Alzheimer's Society

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