Monday, 20 April 2015

2000 miles

Alzheimer's SocietyAs I cycled home this morning in the fog and then breaking warm spring sunshine, I broke through the 2000 miles since the start of the year. Considering I covered 2500 miles in total for training last year, I am well ahead of myself. I am, however, missing out on some of the longer days.

At the weekend I didn't manage to get out until 19:00 on Saturday evening, by which time I was already tired from a day with the boys and it was cold to boot. The bike was laden almost to race spec, but my two season sleeping bag just didn't feel as though it was going to be that comforting.

It was none-the-less a beautiful evening and I headed on back roads from home to Swaffham before heading south to Munford and Thetford. Evenings like this are wonderful for wildlife and I was serenaded by a Stone Curlew somewhere south of Swaffham.

I have been picking up my speed recently, but I must also remember to scale it back a little when I am travelling further. Not surprisingly therefore, I was a little done in when I called into my workplace at 22:30 for a cup of tea. By then I had already determined to find my own bed, rather than an appropriate hedge and cold headwind or not I was pulled home by the sound of my pillow calling.

Alzheimer's Society

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