Sunday, 26 April 2015

Number 35 come on down!

So the race numbers have been published, so for those of you that do follow me in the summer, please remember that I am now number 35 and NOT 52.

It's very exciting to see the names on the board, it somehow makes it a little more real. Whatever, I made sure that I put in a good training day today.

Last year I cycled from home to Bury St Edmunds via a few other places and clocked a sub 6 hour 100. I know that this is not much to write home about for decent cyclists, but it's a good days work for me.

It was pleasantly cool at 6:45 when I headed out and I followed the same route to Swaffham that I took the other night. From there I did a reverse route to Lakenham Fen and Brandon country park before heading to Bury and then back to Norwich. A lovely headwind on the way home slowed me down a bit, but I stopped the clock at 100 miles at 5 hours 53.

2207 all in
Alzheimer's Society18.98 av

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