Monday, 20 April 2015

Pushing on.

As the computer downloads the updated route for the 2015 race onto my GPS, I am beginning to move things on a little. Now that the warm weather has arrived, I've been out twice in the last two days splitting 67 miles in half, with an hour and 45 minutes of full-blooded up hill, down vale speed work. A healthy headwind on stretches to boot. It feels good to be genuinely tired after a ride.

Tomorrow I shall take a day off, strip the bike down and give it a really good clean. I'm then going to mount the new Apidura handlebar and accessory bag, and the seat post mounted rear bag, (see photo) and load her up for a trial ride this weekend. Depending what else is going on, I shall find a hedge bottom or small copse somewhere to spend the night and hope that my 2 season sleeping bag will be just about enough to stop me freezing overnight.

Last year I took travelling light to extreme levels and although I don't want to take too much more with me this year, I do want to make camping out a little more comfortable having determined that 5 hours minimum is a must if I am to complete the 180 odd miles a day necessary to finish on time.

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