Friday, 13 March 2015

North Eastings

By publishing my intention to cover 100 miles yesterday,  it made it that much harder to find excuses not to do it. Neither the cold north-easterly,  that would have heralded a mini ice age a couple of months ago nor the sneaky little back injury that has suddenly decided to blight my days would be good enough.

Given that the forecast was for 10-13 knots from the direction of Great Yarmouth, -well actually Russia,  but I was not about to go there, - it made sense to head in that direction. Get the hard work out of the way early and then enjoy a fair wind on the way home.

Despite the breeze and rather dreary temperatures, the day started to show promise, with the arrival of the sun. Always helps.

I cantered through the centre of Norwich without much of note to distract me and was loosening up when I started the grind up the North Walsham road. It was here that things started to get a little spicy, so I'll get this off my chest and then get back to enjoying myself.

If you drive a car, but do not ride a bike, please spare a thought. As you approach a cyclist, try to see what they see. Look for the holes on the road, the on-coming traffic, the opportunity to delay your journey by just a few seconds and please, please don't squeeze down the slip road to my left when an artic that was following close behind you, then chooses to overtake at the same time!

Ok, moan over.

 I called into the North Walsham Out of Hours base to say hello to my colleagues...and to grab a cup of tea before heading to Mundesley and this wonderful view of the wind blown shoreline. There were a few people walking and I would have liked to have joined them.

From here I followed the coast road, through Bacton, Happisburg and Horsey. This ride along the north coast, is part of the  Norwich 100, so if you're thinking of taking this on, then I thoroughly recommend it. You will be able to stop off at Waxham Barn for refreshments. It was closed today, but the tea shop at Horsey Pump was not and the mug of soup excellent.

Knowing that the ride from Yarmouth to Diss, where I was to meet the family, was about 40 miles I continued through Rollesby and Ormesby to Caister and from there I delighted in a true tail wind and an average speed around 20 all the way past Beccles, Bungay and Harleston.

Funny how things work out. Not only did the half eaten packet of jelly babies calm frayed young tempers on Diss high street, but rather than explain the way to Forncett St Bermuda triangle to my wife, I threw my bike into the car boot after 101 miles on the road and then spent 2 1/2 hours waiting for a lorry to pick up the car when we punctured the offside rear wheel!

Another good week.
Total now 1378 and my daily average creeping up above 18

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