Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Last chance saloon?

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One of the great things about the TCR in my view, is that it is race, no a challenge, oh no a journey. Mmm maybe it's a watershed, a last chance saloon, a reckoning, a test.

In a week when for cyclists the world over, the question of propriety and cheating have hit the headlines again, the debate about amateur drug taking has also been brought into sharp focus. A lively little debate has been engaged on the TCR facebook page. It is or could be saddening to read about drug taking in sport and in our sport in particular.

As one commentator from this discussion pointed out, the bigger the prize, the greater likelihood of cheating, and that doesn't just have to mean money.

For me though it's simple. This is the ultimate, 'if you cheat, you cheat yourself,' event. if you have to divert from the rules and the spirit of the race, then you have already lost. You have already decided that you can't do it. The mental and physical battle has not been joined.

At the age of 50, this is a test. The chance to learn something(s) about myself that this kind of challenge presents you on a plate. It's a journey, it's a race, it's a reckoning and I am under no illusion that it is tough. The training is hard enough.

This is my last chance saloon,

Or is it?

50 miles in the last couple of days
1211 in 69 days
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