Thursday, 5 March 2015

All at sea

Some evenings stand out from the average when cycling and last night was one of those.

It was cool but not frigid. There were the first hints of some evening spring warmth as I set off for work in the dusky evening sunset. I wish that I had the space to carry a decent camera, for there were photo opportunities at every corner.

Jupiter is in the sky. Unmissable to the south. Already high in the sky before the light from the dying sun had fully dissipated. We had been watching it the previous night as we drove around the lanes of Norfolk, visiting patients. At that time, about 2 in the morning, the moon and the planet were together, but as I cycled south, south west, Jupiter was ahead of me and the moon at my back.

Being a full moon, you could almost have cycled without lights. The combination of bright luminescence and lack of clouds gave the sky a deep calm blueness across which the moon seemed to be racing to rejoin a lost friend. Parted lovers almost. As a looked over my shoulder, she seemed visibly to have moved. where half an hour ago she was astern, she now appeared on my port quarter.

The sense of seascape was uncanny. In places where the plastic sheeting covering the newly planted potatoes caught the moon's beam, it was as off the tops of the waves and the distant house lights, the boats crossing the horizon.

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