Saturday, 2 August 2014

6 days to go

Actually 4 days until I leave for London and the briefing at the 'Look Mum No Hands!' cafe.It will be fun meeting all the other 95 competitors, though also not unlike going into an exam. You know how people ask each other about what revision they've done and then panic because they suddenly realise they didn't do that bit!!

Well I can admit to one thing. I have not done 25,000 km of training. I could have, but I would also be divorced and probably not be at work either, so now is probably a good time to thank both my employer for some of the time that I have inevitably spent planning whilst it was 'less busy', and my wife, Laura, who has had to live with the constant reminder that I am about to launch myself into something of a hazardous journey.

This last week has been busy with working my way around the various media organisations locally and am grateful to the Norwich evening news for publishing a good length article on Friday this week.

Fund-raising, always the hardest part has been slow, but to be honest I'm more interested in getting the message out there about the need for more support for people caring with their relatives with dementia and or giving your children the chance to follow a mad bike race on their computers. If that gets them into cycling, then that would be fantastic.

Race website will be following us all live from 9th August at

Look out for number 52 and if you don't think I'm going fast enough send me a tweet @johnnymbakewell

Finally, if you want to sponsoir the Alzheimer's Society please do so through my page:-

Thanks All

More to come, I promise.

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