Friday, 8 August 2014

To write is to share.

There are so many levels upon which this journey is so, so selfish. How do you describe any expedition without scientific or social goals otherwise. But in all of us there is something that gets us up in the morning that is bigger than duty, hunger, survival even. Life itself and the need to live it to the full.

My oldest friend, Paul wrote me a good luck card in which he quoted Kilion Jornet, When asked, 'why?' He simply said, it is inside me, it is too strong. I have to be up there.

So if you don't feel the need or have the desire,  then at least let me share it with you.

Having sat  on the train to London relaxing into my new found freedom. ..I miss you all family,  I was immediately entertained by a little 4 month old who came and sat next to me. He did not,  however cry or chuck up all over me,  so I was pleased to have his company.

Did nothing for blog writing though, as indeed most children are not good for achieving much,  but they are good for the soul and their smiles would light any dull day.

It has been a full 4 years since my last mini expedition/holiday/escape,  whatever you wish to call it and so I was thankful that most of London appears to be on holiday.  The remainder were remarkably tolerant of a country boy on a bike who kept stopping to read a map!  Not one single honk!

It helps too that there are now cycle super highways marked by wide Blue tracks.  The shear volume of bikes seems also to make it safer.

There will be by all accounts 60, 000 taking part in this weekends Prudential Ride London  event that is part of the Olympic legacy and includes a top ranked professional race ending on the Mall, including Sir Bradley Wiggins who rejoins Team Sky for the event.

In the evening after dropping the bike off at the hotel I headed to Look Mum no Hands, cafe and bar on Mare St, where I met last year's winner, Kristoff, since we were both early. Once everyone had arrived. .. from all over the world it seemed,  Mike held Court,  distributed
trackers and finally let us loose on free pizza.

One more free day to go.

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