Tuesday, 19 August 2014

1300 miles in 8 days is no failure.

You will forgive my not completing this tonight,  but I have now rejoined my family. Priorities change as does motivation.  None the less I cycled my heart out for 8 days,  climbing some huge hills and scaring myself half to death coming down the other side.  (I have had fleeting nightmares about disappearing off the edge of a cliff!)

I have slept in hay barns, vineyards,  supermarket carparks and hotels. Sometimes for only 3 hours,  sometimes more.

I have eaten a lot of patisserie food, ice cream and drunk a lot of coke.

In the end I cycled to Dubrovnik and was home in less than 8 hours.  From 32 ° to typical English rain.

I am indebted to you all for your support that became so,  so important. There is unfinished business out there and it starts with all the photos that I will post shortly.

Thank you all.

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