Friday, 8 August 2014

Signs of old age.

Friday.  Rest day,  but there's plenty to do for an aging competitor like me. So,  I realise that I can't ignore my deteriorating eye sight,  and not being able to read the small print on the packet of denture glue just confirmed it!  I figure it's also good to laugh at adversity and myself,  since I might have cause to do both over the next two weeks.

So a pair of glasses and some glue.  First purchases of the day.

Since I am about to otherwise detail a relaxing day in the big smoke I should precis what follows by thanking my family and Laura in particular for enabling me to do this.

She and anyone else who has children will be delighted to know that I woke at 05:30 this morning,  bright and bushy-tailed, frustrated that my plan to sleep until 10 had been thwarted by 4 year old Sam in his absence.

I downed a full English and loaded up the bike and rode to Westminster Bridge.  That's fun! Not quite like High Green in rural Hethersett.

The traffic was light. A cabby explained that half of London is on holiday in the first two weeks of August.  Worth remembering next time you want to bring the kids in.

I followed my planned route for the first couple of miles before heading back in to the city. At each red light the collection of cyclists all received a Transcontinental ad card,  as did the police officer who stopped his van next to me. I am pleased
to say that I have passed on all 800 cards. All you have to do is follow me.

I've never been a huge fan of London but you know,  when there's no agenda is not so bad.

On the way back to the hotel I bought a box in the post office. Significantly about half a mile from the hotel.

I  packed this with the clothes and shoes I no longer need and then had to call a cab to take me back to the PO since I couldn't walk there in socks. So that's it.  Laura gets a parcel in a couple of days of London worn clothes and trainers and I get to go to Turkey!

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