Saturday, 9 August 2014

Westminster Bridge to Newhaven Day 1

Standing on Westminster Bridge this morning was incredible. How often do you get a location like that closed just for you and 96 others like you.

The atmosphere was calm,  quiet almost.  There's no way you could turn up for this without a huge amount of preparation,  even if that manifested itself in the decision to take almost nothing,  as some have. I look forward to getting the pictures to you and will send them home in a minute. (Sorry still can't download Blogger app)

At the eighth strike of Big Ben after we had all been given brevet cards, musssettes and caps,  there was nothing else to do but. .. ride.

I've never entered a cycle race before. A mad start is awesome. Put a cycle race on your bucket list.  You don't have to be a racer, but you should experience the  camaraderie of a big bike event.  It'll make you smile.

The field split about 75% to Dover with the remainder,  me include heading for the South coast and Newhaven. It is accepted that with everyone stopping to wait for cross,  that on this occasion riding together is inevitable and therefore not frowned on as seriously as it will be from tomorrow. It was good to chat with some of the other riders. It's fair to say that most are in it to finish and that in public at least not many admit to racing. ..
But we'll see.

The navigation worked perfectly.  The bike is going like a dream,  just the head wind to contend with oh and a few hills.
 Especially the last little climb up over the South Downs. What a beautiful part of the country.

Brighton sea front is a suitably dynamic landmark to end the first day on. Loads of people enjoying themselves in the sunshine.

The sunshine before the storm.
That comes next apparently.

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