Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Can I just go please !

The bike rests against the kitchen wall where it has lived for the last 4 months or so. I have been through every bag...all three of them about 5 times already. I have charged the GPS, the GoPro video camera and the phone.

The inflatable mattress has made a reappearance under the cross bar, whilst I have found space for spare socks and high viz jacket under the saddle.

In total, this is what is coming with me:

Waterproof jacket, leggings and over-shoes
Cycle top
Shades night and day lenses (No more moths in the eye for me!)
Shorts + Spare shorts. (Being allergic to latex, I can't afford to not be able to find a replacement pair.)
Socks + Spare socks.
Warm long-sleeved cycle top

Survival bag
Inflatable mattress. (V small and light.)
The legs only of a pair of tracksuit trousers.

3 Tubes of electrolyte replacement tablets
1 Tube of Chamois cream
Small pot of vaseline
Small pot of Suntan cream
Toothpaste and the head of a tooth brush. (Handle cut off.)

Spare tyre
Puncture repair kit
Chain links
Chain Oil
2 Spare inner tubes
Bike lock
Spare batteries for tracker

2 x 1Ltr water bottles.

Necessary documentation

That is it! Let's go!

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