Friday, 25 July 2014


Alzheimer's SocietyAs I reach the last 2 weeks before we head toward the channel from Westminster Bridge at 8 o'clock on the 9th August, I and I'm sure others will begin to face the realities of what lies ahead. How much training have they managed, whether they have the right kit and what it will be like on the road, mile after mile without back-up or support.

As far as training is concerned, I will have done as much as I possibly could have done, given the other constraints on my time. I've done a fair bit, definitely not enough to come in first of that I am certain, but enough I hope to give me a good chance of reaching the end. I have completed a couple of 200 mile cycles in the last 2 months and a 100 mile ride most weekends during that time. In between I have squeezed in night rides and short fast rides, gym sessions and time in the pool. I have been out in pouring rain and baking hot sun and have decided that the worst of all the weather is a stonking head-wind!

Being alone poses no concerns for me, since I enjoy my own company tolerably enough, but then that's because I know that I do have a growing number of followers who are and will be rooting for me.

I am grateful to Norsecare who have just joined this band of supporters and sponsors of my chosen charity, The Alzheimer's Society, and the work they do is particularly valuable to me, since they provide the care and environment in which the likes of my father now lives.

Thankfully as I my mother discovered, there are a host of people out there doing their very best to pick up where eventually we some times have to let go. I have included some information about them here and would encourage anyone who gets to hear what I am doing through the blog, the ad. cards or word of mouth to contact them if they meet your particular needs.

Alzheimer's SocietyLive tracking remember will be at from 9th August 08:00. and I will be updatng you all on twitter @johnnymbakewell or via this blog. 

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