Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The End...of these 204 miles.

Alzheimer's SocietyAs much as I enjoy to write and I hope that for some there is at least a little of interest or humour, this particular series of posts highlights the limitations of a blog whilst I'm away. There are of course shorter ways of telling a story, such as: I left London at 4 o'clock and am now in Paris at 10. But if that's all I have time for, then I might as well Tweet.

I will do my best to find the time at the end of each day to write something more substantial, but you are more likely to be able to follow my little dot, Race No, 52 via the race website www.transcontinentalrace.com
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or keep up with my progress via twitter @johnnymbakewell

I returned home via Norwich to capture the last two houses and to clock my second double hundred of the summer. I have lost the best part of a stone and am comfortable averaging about 17mph for prolonged stretches. I know that I shall need to temper this with a longer term view, since it's not the first 200 hundred that is the challenge, but the second and the third etc that are as yet unknown quantities.

I left Lowestoft toward Somerlyton and, for anyone in the emergency services, the notorious Haddiscoe bends. Slightly unsure which way to head, I followed the signs for the Reedham Ferry, hoping that it was still running and successfully caught the last but one crossing at just before 20:00.

The ferryman commented that I looked like I'd done a few miles and was genuinely shocked when I said 182. He'd been thinking somewhere along the lines of 30 or so and he and the other passengers wished me well for the challenge ahead when I disembarked. I decried my lack of promotional cards, but am delighted thanks to my incredibly helpful friend Sojan, to reveal our business cards here.

If anyone would like some to share out amongst friends, please let me know via twitter @johnnymbakewell, or facebook

From the river to Norwich, 'A Fine City' and a couple of pictures that tell the time and back in time for...sleep.

Still not sure about getting back on the bike the next day, so I went to work instead.

Reminder: Live tracking of the event from 08:00 09/08/14 will be available on www.transcontinentalrace.com

I am also now on twitter @johnnymbakewell and will be keeping you up to date here whilst I'm away, so please sign up and follow me here too. I will try to upload the odd blog entry, but they take time and chances are I'll either be asleep, eating or cycling.

Finally: there's just this

Alzheimer's Society

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