Sunday, 6 July 2014

Breckland 100 and an Independence Day party to savour.

Just under a month to go and with plenty of distractions it has been difficult to squeeze in the allotted time on the road.

After the rain trial last Sunday I have managed two 30 mile hill circuits that despite being in the middle of Norfolk have been reasonably exacting. For anyone who does not know Ringland Hills, it is at least steep if not long.

The day before yesterday I headed out toward Watton, Mundford and the Brecklands. Thetford forest hides some gems. I remember going there as a child to seek out Hawfinches, Stone Curlews, Nightjars and Golden Orioles.
The woods are full of deer of all species and much, much more besides.

They hide Grimes Graves that is well worth a visit with or without the kids and of course Center Parcs and High Lodge where there is space for pretty much any kind of outdoor activity not involving water that you can think of. It is certainly a mecca for mountain bikers and families all year round.

From Mundford I continued South and East toward Elvedon and Bury St Edmunds before putting the wind behind me for my return North toward Norwich and home.

5 hours 39 minutes for the 100. A good mornings work. Back in time to celebrate with the American half of the family, the 4th July.

(Photos not mine.)

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