Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spot the Hedgehog

Thanks to the sponsorship by Supernova of the TCR and its riders, I have jumped into the world of modern dynamo powered lighting.

The provision of an independent power source that does not rely on a constant source of batteries and charges my GPS and phone into the bargain will be invaluable. Navigation and the ability to keep you all posted via this blog will be assured, as will the spotting of hedgehogs,        potholes and drunks with the E3 Pro 2 front light.

 I shall have a new wheel built to take the dynamo that will allow for complete interchangeability with the existing wheel. The Canyon Inflite's minimum spoking configuration did not allow for the fitting of the hub dynamo into the existing wheel, but the quality and power of these lights makes them an excellent choice for long distance night time riding.
SUPERNOVA  E3 Tail Light 2 (Sattelst├╝tzenmontage) Poliert silbergrau eloxiert
Alzheimer's SocietyNot wanting to do a less fortunate hedgehog impression I have completed the set with the E3 seatpost rear light and expect to be seen from afar.

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