Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Refining and training.

Despite the lack of posts, it has been a busy week on all fronts.
Alzheimer's Society
Each time I head out on the road I am refining my thoughts on equipment, storage, lighting, food, rest and clothing. In between I am obviously still working and keeping up with my father.

The dynamo and lights duly arrived and the dynamo itself has now been shipped off to Specialised cycles in Norwich for Andy to build me a new front wheel. The issue of weight raises new issues of cost, since the dynamo weighs an astonishingly light 385g, which happens to be the difference give or take between a sprung Brooks saddle and one without. See previous posts on models.

The increase in temperatures have resulted in two on-going phenomena. Firstly that my sons have now adopted my previous water bottles as their own and secondly that I have gone supersize. Learning to drink enough on long rides is a challenge. It seems that without the discipline of regimented 15 minute slugs, it is very, very easy not to drink enough and in the height of mid-European summer, fluid and salt intake will be critical.

To that end I am going to use the generous sponsorship from RE to fund a supply of electrolyte hydration tablets to take with me.

Interestingly, and I remember this from cycling lands End to John O'Groats, gels and high sugar/energy supplements did not go well in the middle of a ride. It seemed that normal food, such as bread and baked potatoes were what I craved and chocolate of all things went completely out of the window.

During the previous week I had completed a couple of 25s and a 65 that I was pleased to do the first 30 miles in 1 Hr 22 mins.

I then set myself up to tackle a double hundred at the weekend.

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