Tuesday, 27 May 2014


So this is Suffolk! For the fourth weekend in a row, I have headed out toward the east coast. Since I had seen my Dad yesterday with little Sam in tow, I chose to extend my southerly trajectory beyond Blythburgh and Westleton picking up some of the county's other known landmarks. Snape Maltings for example and toward the tide mill in Woodbridge..but not before meeting these guys!

Now Mike Hall the organiser of this transcontinental race, has suggested that one might earn the title of Lord or Lady Badass for completing this race. Well this must be some previous challenger from a bygone era, when it was just fine to stop you by the roadside with a polite 'Sponsor me Mr!' while he stuck his Magnum in your ear. Well see here, I can't do that, but he does have a point.


I should look this artist up. If anyone knows anything about him/her please let me know so that I can spread the word. And just in case you were thinking about walking away from this guy, keep your eye out for his chum. I figure he's waiting to turn you into a fish or summut if your charity ain't that forthcomin'. Those being fish and eels in his cold steel hands.
Seriously if anyone knows anything about these guys though, please do let me know through the comments or by e-mail or facebook

So for the week in addition to the mile in the pool, I found time for an evening 35, Sunday's 60 and yesterday's 85. 

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