Monday, 19 May 2014


It's been a while. Alzheimer's Society

 The realities of full-time work at nights and weekends, looking after the kids during the day and planning and training for a 2000 mile race are beginning to bite. For the first time in weeks I have sat down on the sofa with a beer. I have been avoiding alcohol for the last 3 months as I work up toward the start of the race in early August, but to be fair I'm not sure I need to be that zealous.

Since the 200 mile ride, that is now 2 weeks past, I have found little time for the road which is frustrating, but I did get out in the morning and the evening on one day last week and snuck in 50 odd and also a trip to the pool. After the latter, I couldn't or wouldn't acknowledge that I was struggling to fill my lungs.

The next evening I took 20mg a soluble prednisolone left over from my sons bronchiolitis last winter and felt as though someone had just given me a new pair of lungs. Whether I wanted to admit it or not it seemed that hayfever asthma, as it is now termed, had just drafted it's newest recruit.

A visit to my GP confirmed the diagnosis and I can but hope that by August, I will have this under control. It is certainly better than it was. I slipped out for 20 miles of night time riding yesterday after work and I clocked a 59 minute 20 miles this morning.

Thank you Sheena for your sponsorship.

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