Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Aero bars and that's not chocolate.

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It has been quiet on the blogging front which I know is neither good for publicity or progress, since it is a sure sign of general inactivity. Man flu some might call it, all I know is that you can't train with it and so another forced break in the training schedule has passed.

With half the family away in America, however, I have finally given the new bike a decent outing.

I popped into Norwich on the morning of the 31st determined to investigate the options of stem length and aero-bars. For cyclists please forgive me, for the rest of us, who are just learning, the stem joins the steerer, topmost part of the front forks, to the handlebars. Its length varies according to the responsiveness wanted from the steering and this in turn I believe is affected by such things as the fork angle, but now I'm way out of my depth.

Anyway, having ridden the Inflite for the first time about 2 weeks ago, I was aware that if I was to rest my forearms on the handlebars, then as it was, they would be too far away and therefore incredibly uncomfortable. Unaware that aero-bars came with adjustable elbow rests, I was all for changing the stem for a shorter one, until that was, I was presented with an 'fait accompli' when a guy in a bike shop kindly offered to sell his bars to me secondhand for about half the price of a new set.

What a revelation. I haven't used them before, but 180 miles later, I am absolutely sold on them.

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