Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Chicken pen construction and sponsorship from a tattoo removal man.

Alzheimer's Society

You never know where the next good deed might lead, so it's always worth offering  a helping hand whenever you can.

With an impending house move just around the corner, I had been forced to give away my 6 faithful and productive hens. It is surprising how much paraphernalia goes with a few chooks and so I was really delighted when Phil agreed to transplant their run and palace (cluckenham palace) to the field behind his house.

For the last two weeks, we have carefully dismantled and then reconstructed the pen and moved the hen house two miles down the road. I shall remain on standby when the new birds arrive as non-expert foul consultant and be forever grateful to Phil and Lindsey and their tattoo removal business for the enormously generous sponsorship of the Alzheimer's Society and the Supernova hub dynamo that is now on order.

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