Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Two miles short!

The 59 miles prior to reaching my father this morning, were, in the end part of a total of 134 that I completed today. I am of course pleased to be stretching the distance, but could not hide the disappointment at being two miles short of my farthest daily tally of 136.

Two summers previous I had set out to attempt to ride non-stop from St David's, Wales, to Lowestoft. A total of 360 odd miles, I was to travel just ahead of a team of guys from the East of England Ambulance Trust, cycle Paramedics based in Norfolk. As a fund-raiser organised by Darren Rutterford, the Team Lead,  (pictured below,) they were covering the distance as a relay. Four cyclists per team. Two teams.


I was confident since they planned to give themselves 48 hours to reach their goal, that I could stay ahead of them. They said that if they got ahead of schedule, they would stop to raise money and talk to the locals on the way. What I did not account for was the 'red mist' of the blue light drive that descended on them the minute they started to ride. By Hereford at 3 the following morning, after riding all night, they

Alzheimer's Societycaught me up. With my rescue plan now about to leave me behind, I had no choice but to quit and fell in with them. 136 miles in one hit, therefore, remains my longest day.....to date.

Alzheimer's Society

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