Friday, 17 July 2015

You don't need to travel abroad to get knocked off your bike!

So much for wrapping myself in cotton wool.

Itching with anticipation, I rolled down the drive for an unmeasured, unhurried leg stretch whilst the boys were taken to school. I nearly didn't make IT past the first half mile! If ever, as a cyclist I needed a reminder how vulnerable I am, I got it this morning.

It takes a split second to look and see. It also takes a split second, to look, see, but not register the information and move. By then, as a cyclist, you could be dead. Thank fully the driver's brain reacted before telling him what his eyes had actually seen. As a consequence all he got was a fierce mouthful from me, as I looked up from the position that I skidded to a halt, less than 2 feet from his front bumper.

The adrenaline kicked in a minute after I had cycled off and I realised that I was shaking involuntarily.

Do you remember that advert. 'THINK ONCE, THINK TWICE, THINK BIKE!'

Please car drivers, look out for us.

On a more positive footing, thank you all for your continued sponsorship. It is very much appreciated.

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