Monday, 6 July 2015

Less than 3 weeks!!!!

Three weeks might feel like a long time, but right now it both feels like tomorrow and at the same time, can't come soon enough.

I pushed out a 40 a 60 and another 40 earlier in the week and realised as I wound my way around the last ride, that I had developed a hamstring tendon strain. A fact that is almost certainly playing a part in my building nervousness. You can tell from the increase in facebook chatter from other TCR entrants, that we are all beginning to feel it. Slowly and inexorably we march toward the Muur.

I've used the last 3 days of studiously not riding, when I desperately want to, to get my route planning checked and re-checked. I have been through all my equipment again and one of my girls has been a complete star, sewing a mosquito net into the opening of my bivi-bag. I'm not keen on either West Nile Virus or Tick borne encephalitis. The latter can be inoculated against, but it can also be avoided with care. Money does come into it, with the injections costing a cool £170!

I travel from home at 05:00 on the 23rd, heading first for Norwich station. From there it's train to Ipswich and then Harwich, before catching the ferry. I have a cabin to myself for 8 hours, which is a dream. Lots of rest and lots of food. I shall need both.

There are trains from Oostende to Brussells and then Geraardesbergen, but I am not certain about taking the bike on them as yet. If push comes to shove, I shall have to pay for a taxi, but that would be no way to start the adventure, though it would certainly be quicker. The one thing that I will NOT be doing, is cycling to the B&B. Rest, rest, eat, eat. That's all I'll be doing.

We have now been sent all the final briefing information too. I know where I have to be the next day and at what time. In the end it all points to the same thing.

Midnight on the Muur. Be there with me. I need you all there. This is one crazy race.

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