Monday, 6 July 2015

An impassioned plea. The reason why.

A few weeks ago there was a post on facebook decrying the sudden splurge of bloggers writing about cycling. Writing about bicycles, cleaning bicycles, training, sleeping, eating bicycles...but worse still,  they were then utilising every outlet of social media to advertise their blog, including adsense and search engine optimisation to get their story 'out there'.

To be fair, the individual had a reason to be somewhat cynical, even angry. Knocked of his bike, by a car, he was having to take a forced break from cycling, let alone write about it and his frustration spilled out.

To be honest, I was stung a little. This person he was talking about was me.

I have been scribbling down little stories from the last 2 years of training, of rides that I have done, punctures sustained and sore backsides endured. And indeed, each time I have finished writing, I have pressed the facebook and twitter share button...but this is the reason why.

I love to cycle and to challenge myself. It is an entirely selfish endeavour, but the blog is my attempt to put this to some use.

Yesterday there was an article on the mainstream news about GPs sharing their concerns about lack of funding for dementia care. Radio 5 interviewed a man who cared for his mother, in between slotting in a few hours work. Too little work to earn a great deal I imagine, but too much to allow him to get carers allowance.

He was not bitter or angry, but he was, I have no doubt, tired beyond comprehension and in need of our support and help.

Dementia is becoming an increasingly common fact of life for families up and down the country. It is a challenge that we need to share in what ever way we can.

Whether you become a dementia friend, or a carer, a fund-raiser or just a contributor, it won't matter. People living with or caring for someone with dementia will be grateful that you care.

I am about to cycle 2560 miles in 2 weeks, or there abouts. This is my way of giving you the chance to show you care. So far, I have had less than 15 sponsors, but raising over £380.

Please support the Alzheimer's Society and visit my justgiving page. Follow me on twitter @johnnymbakewell

You do not have to read my blog ever again, though I would be grateful if you would share it as widely as possible.

Thank you 

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