Friday, 31 July 2015

Sights set on...Slovenia? Croatia? Serbia? Somewhere...

Just a quick update to say that John's social media coordinator will be taking the weekend off to attend to important business, namely hanging out at the beach and sipping sangria. While his biggest complaint has been the heat, here in Norfolk we've been experiencing what some might optimistically call 'springtime,' though it's more accurate to describe the weather lately as 'autumnal'. But lo, Friday arrived and with it the sunshine, so it would be a crime to stay glued to the computer - fascinating as obsessing over a dot has been.

In our absence, please do keep following John's progress and checking for his Twitter updates. If you're not on Twitter, fear not: just Google 'johnnymbakewell and Twitter' and you will be able to see his pictures and 140 words about pain, progress and pasta.

Well, after tonight it might not be "pasta," since he'll hopefully be in Macedonia (or Croatia, I'm not sure which), and I don't know what carbohydrate wonders await him there. Fingers crossed he makes it through some border before midnight, but in any case he's trucking along nicely today: heading toward 200 miles already, which I think takes him to 1,300 since midnight last Friday/Saturday. That's the same distance he cycled in last year's Transcontinental Race, making it to Dubrovnik in 8 days. Only about double to go and he should be in Istanbul!

John did say this morning that he's so grateful for all of you who are following, sending encouraging messages and keeping up with the race - so thank you very much. If you'd like to draw a nice picture for him to see you can try, but please don't think it can measure up to the ones I've created (above). I just let my children pretend it's their artwork.

Have a great weekend!

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