Friday, 24 July 2015

Get set, go! 

Laura here, dabbling in Blogger (for the first time) with a bit of an update: John and his 178 mates appear to have made it past the first hurdle, going uphill on very wet cobblestones at midnight local time. From the looks of it he's about middle of the pack - but you can see for yourself at: This updates fairly frequently and can tell you more than I possibly can, except when I get the odd phone call from Mr Bakewell. I'll post here as often as time (and children) allow.

Meanwhile in England, there are reports of friends fleeing campsites on the North Norfolk coast as today's constant showers acquire the added excitement of gale-force winds. I'm sitting cozy but it seems Belgium is in much the same boat, which means there are already some drenched riders picking their way through mountain passes in the dark. Fun times. 

Let's hope John and all the others stay safe for the whole two weeks. At least the weather can only get better (probably)...

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